We are able to provide low fees

At Swanson Medical Centre, we're all about making healthcare affordable to our community. To be able to do this our practice accepts capped fees in exhange for being able to offer lower consultation charges to our patients. We belong to Procare (our Primary Health Organisation) which provides additional funding for certain conditions and means your prescriptions are subsidised at the pharmacy.


Medical Fees for a standard consultation

for patients enrolled and funded at Swanson Medical Centre

Child 14 years and under
Child 14 - 17 years $12.50
Adults 18 years and over $18.50


There will be extra charges for longer consultations and extra services provided.

New Patients

The first visit may be charged at a slightly higher rate for patients who are newly enrolled.

Casual Patients

With a community card $53

Without a community card $68

Other charges

Accidents - Adult $25 With CSC $10

Accidents - Child $10 With CSC $0

ACC follow up dressings free         

Nurse consultations $10 - $20

Ear syringe $20

Prescriptions - Adult $13

Prescriptions - Child $10

Faxed and urgent prescriptions $20

Minor surgery $150 - $280

Punch biopsy $72

ECG $30



714 Swanson Rd, Swanson, Auckland 0612

09 833 9433

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