Mission Statement

We see Swanson Medical Centre providing compassionate, equitable and excellent healthcare to our community.

About Swanson Medical Centre

Swanson Medical Centre was set up in the late 1970's by the local pharmacist, Margaret Saunders. Dr Mike Jenkin joined the Practice in 1984 and took over as a sole practitioner in 1987. Dr Mike, with the late Dr Margie Leiman served the population of Swanson beautifully and saw the practice flourish. Dr Wiki Gillespie joined Swanson Medical Centre in 2012 and became a partner in 2013 with Dr Mike. Dr Tony Moyle joined the practice in 2017 and is also a partner.

Dr Mike has now retired but comes back from time to time to locum and seems to be having quite a lot of fun!

We now have a big team of 6-7 doctors, including a GP registrar, a fab team of 7 nurses and a wonderful admin team serving a patient population of about 7600. 

Our cottage has grown

It's a bit like the Tardis-small from the outside, but surprisingly big on the inside!

We have car parking for 14 cars around the surgery.



Swanson is a great community

The Swanson area is growing so we are too. Swanson is the gateway to the Waitakeres and the natural beauty that is the west coast.

We are well supported by the Swanson Pharmacy who provide excellent advice and expert care.

Swanson has convenient transport links with a local train station only 3 mins walk away from our medical centre. We are also on a regular bus link.



714 Swanson Rd, Swanson, Auckland 0612

09 833 9433

09 832 1206