Nurse Led Clinics

Why use a nurse led clinic

Our nurses provide quality care through our practice's nurse clinic. Not only are they there to provide support to your doctor in caring for you, they are able to provide you with independent advice in many situations.

An appointment at a nurse clinic overseen by your doctor means that you may be more easily seen, especially if there is a wait to see your doctor. Our nurses are able to provide excellent health education, help you understand your condition better and help you in practical ways to improve your lifestyle. They are experts in providing advice in preventative care with complementary skills to your doctor and often giving a different perspective on your health issues.

In the future and as part of the development of Swanson Medical, our nurses will be developing clinics to provide extra care for those with chronic diseases such as diabetes, COPD/asthma, heart disease and eczema.

Your nurse will also make sure you are up to date with your normal check-ups such as your smear or cardiovascular screening assessments as well as making sure the kids are on time with their vaccinations.

How it works...

If a you feel a nurse would be your choice for your concerns, then please make an appointment with one of our friendly receptionists.

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