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Our new Doc! We are a Teaching Practice

December 13, 2015 at 10:21 PM

We are very lucky to have on board with us, Dr Tony Ryu. Tony is a GP registrar who has had 4 years hospital experience and comes to us fired up with the desire to become a GP. Tony will be with us for 6 months and will be working all day on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

Having Tony with us marks a new era for Swanson Medical-we are now a teaching practice with the Royal College of NZ GPs. No doubt Tony will keep us on our toes and it will mean we will keep our skills fresh and up to date. Having a registrar in our practice is exciting, fun and means we will have increasing capacity to care for our patients.

Look out for Tony and make him feel at home.

714 Swanson Rd, Swanson, Auckland 0612

09 833 9433

09 832 1206