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June 28, 2018 at 8:32 PM

You might have already experienced a new way of doing things at Swanson Medical when you phone for an 'On-the-day-appointment. Thank you to our lovely patients who have been our guinea-pigs while we have been tinkering with get our new PHONE TRIAGE SERVICE!

When you phone between the hours of 8-9am (weekdays) for an on-the-day-appointment, it's most likely that you will be called back by one of our GPs who will try to provide you with the best solution to deal with your problem that day. We are able to provide a range of options for you to deal with your health problem in the most safe and efficient way possible  It may be that we can save you a trip in to see us if we can deal with your issue over the phone. On the other hand, a discussion with the GP may lead to you being seen urgently if there are serious health concerns. Sometimes the GP will try to streamline your appointment with us by arranging necessary pre-work (bloods or x-rays) meaning less time off work or away from your daily responsibilities.

If we are ringing you back, please stay by your phone or carry your mobile with you! We desperately want to talk to you....

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